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Topic of Debate :: “Independent Film Is Dead” //
Pro :: Uwe Boll, Director of Rampage, BloodRayne, House of the Dead //
Con :: Tim League, Founder of the Alamo Drafthouse & Fantastic Fest //
Live from the South Austin Gym

Tim League

Austin’s Cinematic Superhero, Tim League, keeping film fans safe one film print at a time. With one of his partners in crime, Harry Knowles he has brought a unique form of movie viewing to the city and continues to find new and innovative ways to enjoy all things celluloid. Check out this year’s Fantastic Fest, you won’t be disappointed. We talk to the man behind the screen (also known to sport cape and mask) to find out how he does it.

AUSTIN DAZE: Everything you do is so much fun.

TIM LEAGUE: I think I’m really immature for my age so a lot of that shows in the programming and the decisions we make about events.

AD: You just got back from Cannes. How was that?

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