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Rainy Notes – The Great American Beer Swap and musical connections

1969 Ford hauling beer from Seattle to Austin

1969 Ford hauling beer from Seattle to Austin

The Austin-Seattle connection can manifest in so many strange forms!  Sometimes it’s a dynamic musician who keeps one foot planted in each city.  Sometimes it’s two guys on a wacky quest to drive to Austin and back to Seattle  just to swap 200 cases of local brew.  Sometimes it’s a strange convergence of the two.

I’m talking about the rock and blues guitarist and signer Ian Moore, who transplanted to the Seattle area from Austin about a decade ago.  I’m also talking about Gabe Johnson and Jeff Ludwig, two Seattle dudes who birthed the zany idea of “The Great American Beer Swap” and just ran with it.  Gabe and Jeff fixed up a 1969 Ford truck and rehabbed and retro decked-out a 1970s horse trailer, loading the trailer with 100 cases of Seattle’s iconic Rainier beer, and set off on a mission to swap the Seattle’s finest old-school brew for 100 cases of Lone Star beer in Austin – returning back to Seattle within seven days.  Whoa!

Ian Moore, as well as longtime Seattle favorites The Maldives, rocked the crowd of Seattle supporters at the September 2nd send-off benefit at the Tractor Tavern.  At midnight, Gabe and Jeff rolled away hauling 100 cases of Rainier amidst fireworks shooting off in the street.  Besides the fireworks and the people crowded on the sidewalk, there wasn’t much fanfare, but it still felt weirdly special to be a witness, much like watching an epic indie film.  When they were out of sight The Maldives took stage and cheered up those of us left behind to our day to day predicable routine Read the rest of this entry »

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