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Wlecome to Issue #69

Better late than never has never rung so true. Welcome back to the Austin Daze. We would have been here sooner but we ran out of gas and had to work an extra job just to fill her back up. We hope that we have not lost fans in our absence. We plan on hitting it hard so the timeline of release will continue on constant.

I know you can sympathize, at least I hope so. If not, can I interest you in an ad? The almighty advertisement strain. And yes it is a strain. We are feeling the shrinkage of our economy. We did not receive the Stimulus check. That must be the reason. That check is supposed to make it all better, right? If you did receive it and are wondering how to spend your new fortune, once again, can I interest you in an ad?

OK, that’s enough of that.

How have you been? Us? Just fine. Minus several 800 pound obstacles standing in our way en route to the next issue. While we were busy confronting, dodging, and trying not to get crushed by them, I had some time to think about the very nature of the funny looking word that threatened to take us down.

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