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Better to Have Loved And Lost…

Falling in mutual, unrestrained, like-crazy love feels like falling into a soft-cotton cloud of bliss. The magic of not only being accepted, but cherished and adored… no other experience in life can touch it. It feels as though nothing can penetrate that “us-ness”.  Every moment is a secret. No one else knows. You’ve found the key.

“Like Crazy,” directed by Drake Doremus, captures something fleeting and indefinable with dream-like specificity. Every moment is like a cherished postcard. The point-of-view angles, the colors (whites and grays and pale blues like early morning), and the spontaneous performances of the two winsome leads (Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin) capture intimacy in a way perhaps no other film has. We fall in love right along with Jacob and Anna. The film takes you to that place, not with cheesy rom-com cliché, overwrought plot machinations, or arty love scenes. Rather, we spend time with them and see in each character what the other sees – their beauty, humor, talent, quirks, flaws. It feels real and it creates a bond with the audience.

That’s what “Like Crazy” does right.

The story involves a young couple who meet in college, fall in love, but then are separated by circumstance, namely that she is in the U.S. on a student visa from England. In a moment of romantic idealism, she thwarts the law and does not go home when her visa expires. This violation later heaps complications on the young couple as she is deported and banned from returning. His successful furniture design company isn’t the sort of thing one can simply uproot elsewhere. She becomes a journalist in London. They are successful, but apart. The times they manage to spend together become fraught with insecurities and resentments. Read the rest of this entry »

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