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Split Lip Rayfield

SLRPhoto.jpgI could not believe my eyes when I first saw SLR at the Old Settler’s Bluegrass festival. I think I said “what the hell” repeatedly with a tone of disbelief mixed with interest. Damn. They are good. Split Lip Rayfield owned a three night stretch on South Congress recently. These guys have an original sound, to say the least. They are difficult to class. I’d say they are somewhere around- acoustic/ bluegrass/punk with an attitude- a loud and fast attitude. Imagine Johnny Rotten or Metallica sitting in with Bill Monroe. Read the rest of this entry »

Jim Hightower


JH: All over, really. I read two or three newspapers a day, plus we get a lot of information from the many public interest groups working around the country – groups like Public Citizen, PIRG, Common Cause, etc. We look at all the independent media resources like Alternet,, Buzzflash, And I have a researcher on staff who scours dozens of magazines, books, websites, and other info. Read the rest of this entry »

Richard Linklater

linklater_1.jpgThis interview, for me, is a true sign of personal accomplishment. I have been a huge fan of what this guy has done with film for many years. The way he has brought the conversations we have all had, to the screen, time and time again, is amazing. Most film makers attempt to snag a piece of life to tell a story, they attempt to portray events through dialogue and actions. Unfortunately, most fail. For this reason or that, the majority of celluloid out there is just wasted time and wasted space. That sounds harsh, eh? The majority of films that attempt to be real just come off as contrived or fake. Mr. Linklater’s films just cut deep into life experience. Whether it is a story about high school party kids or about twenty-something expatriates, the films are convincing. They hit close because they seem like memories, real or fabricated. While I realize that his works are mainly fiction- I don’t know, it just seems that his films somehow tap into and comment upon the reality that I know. What follows are the words that Wendy and I shared with the man. Enjoy.AD: So you quit college to work in an oil refinery- and then what happened?

RL: An oil platform, not a refinery, thank god- offshore oil rigs- a little better…Refineries sound very depressing. Read the rest of this entry »

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