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The return of the Sweet Snob! #1: Dolce Neve

photo 1I was out strolling my neighborhood when I came across what I thought was a new ice cream shop. Fighting my way to the front of the line, I finally got to taste the sweet bliss that is gelato. Gelato is more than your everyday ice cream, it is an Italian style frozen dessert. And let me tell you folks, that this place knows how to make gelato. The menu here changes daily and includes seasonal flavors and local organic offerings.  I have a photomajor sweet tooth, and have always drawn to anything chocolate. My taste buds had an orgasm after sampling their chocolate gelato for the first time. My co-snob and photo 5[1]also a sweet enthusiast had their vanilla from Morocco. On our second visit to Dolce Neve we had organic pistachio gelato and sweet potato and cinnamon gelato, perfect for someone with a salty tooth. Marco even recognized us on our second visit, I have a feeling we’ll be getting to know him very well. Marco and his sister, Francesca, the mastermind behind Dolce Neve learned their craft in Italy. You can find the siblings and Francesca’s husband Leo, serving up scoops themselves. photo[1]They also serve Italian style espresso that looked divine, I can’t wait to try it. Luckily it’s a short stroll to South 1st and Annie St. Even in this cold weather I can’t turn down a cold sweet treat, good thing there’s plenty of indoor seating, and a front patio for when it warms up. And if you’re too far to stroll, parking is aplenty behind this new local business. It’s another good day for the Sweet Snob knowing that Dolce Neve is right around the corner here in South Austin. Visit Dolce Neve.


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