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Shots of the Daze # 46

Bill Frisell jams out at the Continental Club 5/23 and 5/24, 2014. This time Bill brought out a backup band with him;  Greg Leisz on guitar and pedal steel, Tony Scherr on bass & Rudy Royston on drums
I was very fortunate to be able to experience this show two nights in a row. Bill went through some great material, and with ease. I couldn’t take my eyes off his fingers as they moved up and down the strings on the neck of his guitar. I like to think of myself as knowing what’s going on at a show, but between Bill and Greg, I was having trouble figuring out who to pay attention to. They were tossing back and forth leads on guitar and it was pretty amazing. These guys will be releasing an album soon, and it is definitely an experience worth checking out. A side note: I have never seen folding chairs set up in this club before.


Shots of the Daze # 47

Shinyribs live at Threadgills 5/24. This band blows my mind. Kevin Russell is one of the greatest performance artists around. The horns that they have onstage are some of the best around. The drummer also comes from The Gourds days. There was a mad keyboard player and a bass player on this night. I have long been a fan of the Gourds. This band takes what they were doing one step further. I think it’s because Kevin is able to write and perform material that is outside of what was the norm for the Gourds. The crowd’s faces were mesmerized and transfixed on Kevin as he performed Sweet Potato. Watching these people is almost as entertaining as watching Kevin go through the movements on stage. I was talking with my friend after a show, and he was saying Kevin Russell has “the flow.” Magic and grooves seemed to go through his body. I recommend catching these guys create.



Shots of the Daze #45

Papa Mali Trio live at Cboys Heart&Soul. 5/22/14.

On this night, the trio was made up of Robb Kidd on drums, Brad Houser on bass, and the excellent Papa Mali on lead guitar and vocals. Ever since I heard about this show, I knew that it would be a reunion of many old friends. I was right. Papa Mali used to be a regular in the Austin music scene before he moved to New Orleans and this night brought out many of the musicians he used to play with as well as most of his Austin fanbase. I must have gotten hugs or shook hands with most of the filled room that night. The music was stellar. There were many guests. The first guest was Scrappy Jud on guitar. It’s been a long time since I have seen Scrappy tear it up and rock out. He is usually in a more subdued context. I really enjoyed watching him let loose. He is one of the greatest guitar players I know of.  Also joining the line-up was Martha, she added sweet vocals to the already-good sound. Then. Claude showed up and playing a melodica and Papa Mali kept the crowd moving with amazing licks. We took a break with them. He came back out with Kevin Russell from Shinyribs and the stage was on fire because both of these people have really incredible stage presence. They finished off the night with “Lovelight” and “Bertha” and  kept everyone dancing until 2am. This was a Thursday night but it felt like a Saturday because the movement of the crowd kept up til late. I hope Papa Mali felt the outpour of love from the fans and I hope this means that he’ll be returning often. We miss him…

Thanks to Cheryl for pictures 🙂IMG_3268 IMG_3203 IMG_3179IMG_3224

Shots of the Daze #44

Tom Jones live at ACL Moody Theatre. 5.2.2014 I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to cover this show. The seats were higher up than I’ve experienced at the Moody, but the sound and view were perfect, proving to me that there is no bad seat in the Moody. Tom Jones rolled through all his hits with ease. He still has a very strong voice and was able to fill the room with emotion.

His enigmatic stage presence was impressive, but I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

From this vantage point, I was able to see something I’ve never seen before. I watched the 73 year-old superstar surrounded by women’s underwear. Tom has been performing for over 50 years and each night he plays, he receives this kind of reception. I can’t help but wonder, what does he do with all the panties? Does he keep them in a large warehouse? Throw them away? Donate them?  Recycle them? It must be distracting to be surrounded by 40-50 panties and he women who threw them. Does he ever slip or trip on them, I wonder?

I plan to ask Tom Jones for an interview so I can answer some of these pressing questions. I had a new photographer, Robert Smith,  capture some photos of Tom Jones. Keep posted for a slideshow of his work.
IMG_2800 IMG_2798



Shots of the Daze # 43

Hayes Carll tells us stories and sings us songs – Live at the Belmont April 26th 2014.

Betty Soo warmed up the crowd with soft but sweet melodies. Calming and well written with strong lyrics. Beautiful for a windy night outdoors at the Belmont.
The great songwriting of Hayes Carll shines through. He had a stellar backup band with Willie Pipkin on guitar and Emily Gimble on keys. With those two backing him up, he could not go wrong. Hayes’ songs and stories range from poetic ballads to rock-driven songs with catchy hooks. He appeals to the honkey-tonkers with songs about drinking beer, but also respects the generation before him by playing some deeply written, heart-felt numbers, too. With such good taste in a backup band, no wonder the venue was sold out. We’ll be interviewing him soon. I love this open air venue. For sure, it is worth checking out.
IMG_2690 IMG_2706 IMG_2713 IMG_2708

Shots of the Daze #42

The Whiskey Sisters live at the Continental and then Dumpstaphunk live at Emo’s 4.18.2014
My FUNKY Friday night with Bobby “Giant Man” Perkins began with The Whiskey Sisters. He played bass with them making everybody smile. I dig it when he fills in for Lonnie Trevino, their regular bass badass.The Whiskey Sisters played two nights in a row to a packed audience. That is really just fuckin awesome. This band continues to fill rooms and get better with each show. Word is getting out about them. Soon they will be doing a European tour. See them in intimate clubs while you still can.

We then headed over to Emo’s to see some funk. Dumpstaphunk has two basses, an organ, a guitar and drums. This band needs to be seen live. This experience needs to be felt. The double bass riffs really hit your soul and force your body to move. It’s a very cool thing. The Groove Line Horns were sitting in and the room was filled with much soulful dancing. Ivan Neville captains this ship of funk from behind the keys. I make it a priority to catch these guys whenever they are in town. We hung out with these guys after the show, the party never seems to end for New Orleans musicians.

The New York Times stated, “Dumpstaphunk is the best funk band from New Orleans right now.”

We always keep the spontaneity going, that’s something I love about this band,” says Ivan. “We can funk it out with the best of them, but we also like to showcase how all sorts of music can come together and push the boundaries of what funk music is.”

Check out what these guys are doing at

Shots of the Daze #41

Old Settler’s Music Festival Weekend, April 10-13, 2014. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED. This is probably one of the best festivals to attend, anywhere. As soon as you get there, it’s like heaven; friends old and new are everywhere, there’s great barbeque, the music is stellar and the weather is perfect. This all makes for a perfect festival experience. I am grateful to have been a part of this show for the past 13 years. This year, I saw Del McCoury, Jeff Bridges and the Abiders, and the North Mississippi All Stars on Friday night, and Saturday night I saw Robert Randolph and The Family Band, Shinyribs and Bighead Todd and The Monsters. One of the greatest experiences of this festival for me, was when they let me right up front to see The Dude. Also rocking out to Robert Randolph with my friend Jimmy was an unforgettable experience. The only thing missing was a river of chocolate, and then it would have been the festival of my dreams. See y’all next year!IMG_2465IMG_2469IMG_2490IMG_2507IMG_2542IMG_2513

Shots of the Daze #40

Golden Dawn Arkestra and Money Chicha blow us away at the Empire Control Room 4/5/2014. We bolted out of a happening party to enjoy a night of music from outerspace. It’s always nice to see our friends GDA play at a new venue, and Empire Control Room didn’t disappoint. They had a projector blasting trippy displays over the musician’s already colorful costumes and faces, which made for a very photogenic shoot. The GDA line up always seems to be growing, on this night front and center was our friend John Speice IV on percussion. John then joined his other group Money Chicha in an equally ravishing set, although we missed Adrian’s stage presence. We try not to miss it when both of these bands perform, not only are they all very good friends, but they are equally awesome performers. While we can’t post all of our favorite shots in this post, enjoy our GDA and Money Chicha at Empire Control Room slideshow, coming right up after this. IMG_3116IMG_3048IMG_2991IMG_3155IMG_3210IMG_2451

Shots of the Daze #39

The Austin Music Award’s Best Rock Band, Quiet Company, plays an intimate set for us at a friend’s semi-annual house party, 4/5/2014. We all had a good time, chowing on queso and talking to our friends from all walks of life. We had to skip out early to catch our next group of shots, but this was a gathering we couldn’t miss. IMG_2402IMG_2488

Shots of the Daze #38

Brownout presents “Brown Sabbath,” at The Mohawk, 4/3/2014. Brownout played an early set and then got the crowd warmed up for Brown Sabbath. Brown Sabbath is basically the members of Brownout with the addition of Alex “Ozzy” Marrero. The band transitions from Brownout to Brown Sabbath by donning a black wardrobe and rocking out to some old metal classics. Alex is a great front man that I haven’t seen take the lead in many years, but proves to be an awesome performer that is backed by my favorite band in Austin. Get out there and see Brown Sabbath while you still can, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser, but remember to bring your ear plugs and an extra pair for me, cause I usually forget mine.


Shots of the Daze #37

Chicken Strut performs at C-Boys Heart & Soul 3/29/2014. We usually go check out Chicken Strut at their residency at Guerro’s every last Sunday of the month 3-6pm. Chicken Strut is made up of a few of our friends, including Michael Hale on drums/vocals, Neil Pederson on keys, Josh Perdue on guitar/vocals, and Bobby “Giant Man” Perkins on bass. These guys own the funk, they are always in top form and are some of the best players at what they do. Make sure you get over to Guerro’s on the last Sunday of the month to catch them strut their stuff. They are starting to play in more venues all over town with some guest appearances, so go see what the struts all about. IMG_2302IMG_2293IMG_2316

Shots of the Daze #36

The final night party of Flipnotics 3/24/2014.

Last night was an amazing experience. The crowds were thick with everybody wanting to catch one last groove before the coffee shop closed.  I waded my way through many people to see the music first hand. Most of the acts that were playing were unfamiliar to me, but they collectively blew my mind every set. There was a lot of love for the music room of Flipnotics last night. A few stand out performances for me were, the guy on the accordian/trumpet, the bass player (most of these musicians were in all the bands that played), and Erik Hokkanen. Erik Hokkanen is by far the greatest fiddle player I’ve ever seen. Many guest stars stopped by to play one last song, including our friend Kevin Russell from Shinyribs/The Gourds. Last night we had 2 guest photographers, cover artist Fonty Fox and local writer and comedian, Owen Egerton. A highlight of the night was watching Fonty start a bidding war over the Flipnotics sign.  I did not plan to stay the whole night, but when the music kept going, so did I.IMG_2198IMG_2208IMG_2224IMG_2232IMG_2241

Shots of the Daze #35

The RESENTMENTS live at The Saxon Pub 3/23/2014. One of my favorite Sundaze evening pastimes. KGSR did a live radio broadcast of THIS VERY show, “LONESTAR STATE OF MIND.”



Shots of the Daze #30

It’s our 30th ‘Shots of the Daze!’ And what better way to celebrate than with these shots we caught of fantastic director Wes Anderson, here in Austin for SXSW being interviewed by Rick Linklater. Anderson’s good friend and actor Jason Schwartzman was in attendance as well as their musical director for “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” This film features many cameos and of course many of the regulars who appear in Wes Anderson’s movies. Ralph Fiennes’ main character is energetic and magnetic. It was a special treat to have Wes Anderson present his new film to us, and follow it up with two amazing directors geeking out together. Anderson remarked while presenting the film, that his first ever movie premiere only gathered an audience of nine. Today he packs a full house.



Shots of the Daze #29

Mike Myers honors a good friend by making a movie about him. “Supermensch” is about how Shep Gordon rose from nothing, to managing bands, celebrity chefs, and everything in between. Tom Arnold joins the conversation with Mike and Shep for SXSW Film panel, and in case you were wondering, Shep is single and looking to comingle.


Shots of the Daze #28

David Gordon Green premieres his new film, “Joe” with main characters played by Nicholas Cage and Tye Sheridan, 2/9/2014. Nick Cage shares some acting skills with the audience after seeing his more serious side in the film.


Shots of the Daze #27

The Paramount premiere’s “Neighbors,” by director Nicholas Stoller 3/8/2014. It ain’t no party like a Seth Rogan party. Seems as if every time Seth Rogan enters a room or appears on screen, there’s bound to be gut hurdling laughter. Even during SXSW film panel with director and cast members, nobody could keep a straight face. Neighbors is one of our top favorites so far and if you like to laugh, go see this movie.


Shots of the Daze #26

The Paramount Theater and SXSW 2014 present the world premiere of Chef, directed by Jon Favreau. With panel including cast members John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, rising child star Emjay Anthony and film chef consultant, Roy Choi. Followed by after party featuring none other than hometown hero and friend, Gary Clark Jr, 3/7/2014.IMG_2026IMG_2040IMG_2080IMG_2048


Shots of the Daze #21

Kahil el Zabar’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Featuring Ernest Khabeer Dawkins and Hamiet Bluiett at The North Door, 2/19/2014. This was an amazing night of adventurous music. Austin is lucky to have an outfit such as Epistrophy Arts, because they bring in so many talented musicians from all over the world. This gig blew my mind. I’m sure whenever there’s an Epistrophy Arts show from now on, I’ll be there.


Shots of the Daze #14

Austin Carnaval Brasileiro at The Palmer Events Center, 2/1/2014. Hands down, the best party of the year! Every year it is always a feast for the senses, from the pulsating samba drums from Austin Samba School, to the extremely scandalous costumes, and the nonstop dancing. This is the place to be. Inside the Palmer Events Center we were all transported to Rio. The energy of the crowd was hot and intoxicating. I was right in the middle of it when the crowd surged in around me, and I was thrust through what felt like the gates of my own personal heaven. There were beautiful woman dancing in flashy costumes, their bodies in sync with the beat of the drums. This must be why I’ve been coming back to this party ever year. This celebration has been happening in Austin for 37 years, and we cant wait for next year’s spectacle.


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