Died Young, Stay Pretty

Long a fan of graphics, I was eager to see where the state of the poster artform was these days. Man oh man, can you say thriving?! This film didn’t get into all the historical background of music posters, instead concentrating on the recent surge in popularity beginning in 2001. This film showcased hundreds of posters and the art was dizzyingly good, the camera taking you up close for the details that go into these works of art. Mindblowing! And then of course, there were the characters who are creating these works. Talk about a quirky lot. They are totally driven, as there’s virtually no money to be made, but these guys just can’t stop silkscreening. Each of them go to the nth degree to make sure they are making wholly original statements which beg for anarchy on several fronts. And anarchy was at the root of their desires. A need to tear down all walls everywhere. Again, great editing and cinematography, and that is what I’m noticing more and more, editing is getting better and better with indie movies, and cinematographers frame each shot like you would an art photo. Love it Love it Love it! Dug this film and all the characters contained therein. Woof! -mo

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