Throw Down Your Heart

Throw Down Your Heart is a wonderful film musical adventure and discovery by Sascha Paladino and Bela Fleck. Bela Fleck, renown banjo player of The Flecktones fame, takes the banjo back to explore its African roots and along the way meets and jams with incredible traditional African musicians. His goal was to present the modern banjo to its homeland and reestablish its relationship with its history. Bela serves as not only an ambassador of western culture and the banjo, but through this film also serves as an ambassador of the traditional music from the east. The movie places the viewer right in the music creating an intimate atmosphere as if sitting alongside the musicians as they play. The sound and images are wonderful and of course the music is amazing. Thank you Bela and Sascha for taking us along on the trip in Throw Down Your Heart. Great flick!!!!

Look for our interview with Sascha Paladino and Bela Fleck.

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