Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend! Be there or be Square, Darling

Formed in 1974, the Saints were ahead of their time in many ways. If your band just recorded and distributed your own recording, the Saints beat you to it by doing that in 1976. READ MORE ABOUT THE FEST IN DAISY’S BLOG!!!!!!! That single, “(I’m) Stranded” was received to now legendary press in UK’s Sounds magazine, declaring it the “Single of this and every week.” As punk, it predated the Sex Pistols and the Damned. Their attitude toward marketing and repelling an image created by a record label was a couple of decades ahead of the grunge movement.
In a lineup packed with great acts such as Cat Power, Explosions in the Sky, and New Pornographers, I am looking forward most to their show this weekend at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Waterloo Park. Check out their sounds at
You can check out info on the Fun Fun Fun Fest at

No doubt this is what to do this weekend. Don’t miss out and regret it!

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