Casa Magnetica at C-Boy’s

Casa Magnetica is a new group mashing up members of The Greyhounds and The Moeller Brothers. Check em out!fullsizerenderimg_6268

Sun Ra Arkestra at RAS DAY 2016

Riders Against the Storm at RAS Day 2016

Money Chicha and Greyboy Allstars at Emo’s 8-20-2016

Grupo Fantasma delivers a very speciàl taping again.

Photo by Scott Newton

Photo by Scott Newton

Last nîghts ACL Taping shook the  Moody. It was theîr third visît and they just killed it. I spoke with the bass man, Greg,  last month about this show. He said that they wanted màke the night speciàl. I remembèr thinking ” I don’t know what the hell thàt means?” To me, every timè I have seen them has been special. Thère was no way I coułd miss this show.  I was ready for some Çumbià ànd Latin soul with some shake, shake, shake…
I am old frîeñds wîth most of the côre members. I feel a connection to this music.Sure, ï am an Irishman, a gringo, but I am Latin at heart. This sound just moves me. Way back when, my gf at the time got me to know each ôf the guys better. That made many things happen. Some of my greatest nights hàve been connected to thîs music.

Last night, before sleepytime, I thought àbout my connection to the band… No doubt, she (my gf) enhanced my relationship with them, but I was a fan before î met her (at a FAntasma show, of coarse.) The magic grabbed me back at The Empanada and still holds me. Everytime they play, this electric current moves through the room causing everyone to dance. Last nights show was no different. It was a fantastic experience. So màny guests added to thè groove. Awesome show. There was even some Sexual Chocolate thrôwn in. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome Home Brother Jack

happy jack

Jack was my friend. He might have been the first guy to talk to me în town.. I remember that he said “Welcome Home,” to me as I entered Ruta maya. I knew then that I was in the right place. I didn’t know anyone yet. He took me under his wing, introduced me to everyone and encouraged me to go to the places where I made the friends that I still have today . The places I still frequent. That was early 99′. I would sit by his sewing machine in that hallway and listen to his stories. They were fantastic. I had a hard time believing some of them , but they all turned out to be true. Everyone knew and loved the guy. For many years I did interviews with all kinds of celebs and many would ask me if I knew Happy Jack. That would always make me smile.

Ruta Maya closed down and moved and there was Jack. I made it out to Kerrville Folk Festival three times because of his stories. He was the king of that festival.

Our lives took different roads for the past eight or  more years and sadly I can’t remember the last time I was with him. I am grateful for the things he taught me and the many friendships that he turned me onto. AuStin lost an old guard today. To know him wAs to love him. I am truly sorry that there are people here that will never hear him say “Happy Day!”

Welcome Home Brother Jack……

Here’s an interview that we did with Happy Jack in 2006:

Hard Proof and Money Chicha @ Antone’s (6/3)

On Fridaze night , I saw two acts put on a show at Antone’s. An epic night of music happened. Yes, I have seen both bands, a few times, but that doesn’t matter. Each time, feels like the fîrst.
I started a fair ways into the Money Chicha set. Sometimes the parking gods are not oñ my side. I alwaze get there, but somètimes I àm a little late. I missed Greg play the squeeze box. Î do dig that. These boys are mostly an offshoot of the mothership that is Grupo Fantasma. Fantasma, just shook this very room for two consecutive nights, for the prince tributes. That did not slow them down . They finished off their uniquely psychadelic, cumbia from space set, which had everybody moving. You cannot resist this groove. Why would you want to?
imageNext up was HardProof. These guys grab you at the first note and do not let up. The amount of solid musicians on that stage is overwhelming. I try to focus on individual players when I see music, but with these guys everything works at the same time. Everybody just plays off of everyone else. It is magically captivating and seamless. They must rehearse all the time. I know that cannot be the case because most of the guys are in ôther bands. It just works. They have a new record coming out soon. If it captures even a small bit of the show at Antone’s, it’s gonna be huge. Go get a copy and see them live. Trust me. For years I have watched this band take leaps forward, to the point, that I try to never miss a local show. These guys have found a way to step up their game with this new material .

Weiner Documentary

Weiner, the documentary, revolves around Anthony Weiner’s (aka ‘Carlos Danger’) rise and fall in politics. Weiner reluctantly resigned from congress in 2011 for linking photos of his surname (if you will) via Twitter to a young woman. This was the first of two scandals that he eventually fessed up to publicly. Fast forward two years later, Anthony Weiner decided to run as a mayoral candidate for New York. He was seemingly on a path to righteousness and polling well with New Yorkers. Claiming he had learned from his mistake, he was ready to move on and make positive changes for New York, until his second offense.

The documentary showcases a megalomaniac politician who seems to love attention, whether it be positive or negative. Almost a mockumentary at times, intended by the documentarian or not, Weiner will have you laughing solely on the media’s pun-frenzy coverage of this guy. Having a last name like Weiner is already tough enough in context to his scandals, but getting caught twice is doubly embarrassing.

At times, Anthony Weiner comes across as agitated and arrogant. In his defense, he is being scrutinized left and right for being dishonest in his personal life. Aside from being a politician, it’s also very sad watching someone who obviously needs more therapy and help with what seems to be an addiction. Unfortunately, Anthony Weiner seems to lack the self-awareness and humility (surprising as that may sound) to seek personal help.

Polar opposite is Huma Abedin, his wife, who is very much part of his campaign until close to the end for an obvious reason. She seems endlessly patient, charming, sincere, and of most importance, forgiving time and time again of Anthony’s transgressions.

If you’ve ever been a fan of Anthony Weiner or not, check out this well-made documentary and relish in the “Weiner” jokes if nothing else.

ACL Live….Put Your Phone Away


Ok, I gotta respond to this, on taping days, I get hit with the same question, in different forms: Will u take some pictures of the band???… Or why don’t you ever take pictures of the bands???…

No, I will not and its a phone free environment. They are taping the performances for tv and there are professional photographers doing their thing. I actually relish tapings for this. Of course, the music is fantastic and the staff is great but the no phone thing is really awesome. Just doesn’t happen. Its like being transported to a time before everybody’s life revolved around their phone. You know., when we just did things to do them and were fully there … I am a slave to my phone, The Daze is my only fleeting excuse. So, I take pictures before and after, but I turn off my phone during the show.

The Echocentrics Are Back!


I like this band yall! They just killed a gig for KUTX. Adrian Quesada can do no wrong when it comes to music. I have liked every project, that I have seen, that he has been a part of…And yes, Mr. John Branch sings… And a drummer that has been the beats in many of my favorite bands, Mr. John Speice takes no prisoners… Many billions of years ago, I felt that they were going to go all the way. They disappeared from my radar.  The Echocentrics are back… We are going to be seeing and hearing more about this band.



BoKeys: just what I needed Fridaze

The Bo-Keys show at Antones was a treat for me last night. I am a huge fan of the Reverend. Call Me & Lets Stay Together are treasured albums that I go through from start tô finish frequently. They just have the flow. They never get old for me. So, last night during the second set, I recognized the beats. I’m still smiling now. There wàs room in Antones too. This town doesn’t go anywhere when there is împending rain disaster. Never has. Even now, when most folks aren’t even from here anymore. That said, go tonight, they have a roof at Antones! Tonight îs their third and final shôw. Soul music… get there

Supèr group plays continental club

imageLast night, I had the opportunity to visit the Continental club again for an amazing show, Casa Magnetica feat. Andrew Trube & Anthony Farrell w/ the Moeller Brothers. I also saw so many friends . The club always books the best shows but I wanted to make sure to tell the powers that be to book these guys again… please … Much shredding took plaçe, great beats and keys that transcend our space and time. Every member sang a solo. Super fun. Be somebody!

Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter – Bass Concert Hall – Austin, TX 4/21/2016


Green Room

the green room

Photo Source: IMDB

Tonight, The Green Room was screened at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar.  The edge-of-your-seat thriller was very well acted and very well put together.  The cast included Patrick Stewart playing the lead villian role as a Neo-Nazi club owner in Oregon.  It starts with a punk band performing at the club.  After the show, as they’re leaving the club, the bandmates find themselves in a bit of a situation that leads them to fend for their lives, trying and escape the club’s green room.  This one kept me pretty on edge the entire time and featured some really intense, gruesome scenes.  The choice of having the story play out in a punk rock venue played a really pivotal role in setting the movie’s gritty mood and tone throughout.  I definitely recommend going to see this one, if you haven’t already.  If you’re like me and love suspenseful thrillers that make you feel like your living in each situation yourself, go see this movie.

Maria MeSa rEturns to review Adrian Conner’s “Hush”

“Hush” is a daring and bold effort from Austin guitarist Adrian Conner. Adrian has been image out great original music here in Austin for many years, she’s not someone to be overlooked. I first discovered her with 2006’s “Adrian for President” release which I snobbishly expected to be awful, then stuck it in my CD player and was completely converted by the first track. I’ve been following her ever since, still digging what she does and I’ve never been disappointed. While she is typically known as a hard rocker (who will rock your socks right off if you see her live) this album comes off with a different feel that doesn’t seem to fit any one genre. This is a creative growth step for an artist who is capable of many things.
With this album, she lays all her cards on the table and steps into the acoustic realm. As most guitarists know, playing acoustically is like being naked; it shows all your flaws and weaknesses if you have any. Yet Adrian takes the challenge and shines like the professional you’d expect. She is the real deal, nothing to hide. This is definitely the best recorded example of her guitar work to date. What also needs to be pointed out is that the girl is a really good singer. She has a sweet voice that never sets a foot wrong anywhere, ever.
“Hush” features her great original songwriting, which to me is more meaningful than her guitar prowess. Most original songs are acoustic versions from her albums “BFD” (produced by Go-Go’s member Kathy Valentine) and “Be Your Own Saviour” (produced by Alex Lyon and Adrian Conner). Also included is a brilliant unreleased instrumental “Country Poontang,” which borders on bluegrass, a bit of a departure in style she has no trouble with. She then goes on to some brilliant covers, like Led Zeppelin’s Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, and Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing,” all acoustic which she nails completely. These are not easy covers, yet they all come off like she does this in her sleep.
“Hush” is a 3-piece effort featuring Armando Eric Reyes on very solid and in the pocket drums, and Melissa Carper on equally solid acoustic upright bass.
-Maria Mesa


Living in the world of developing AI, we are seeing more movies like this one pop up. Imagine if Siri had a baby with the film Her and you get a story of a man obsessing over AI he created and the downfall of preferring it to his wife, or the real deal.

Joe Larsen (Martin Starr) is borderline antisocial and graphs everything in his life, including his propensity for panic attacks. Joe works for a tech. company that is tasked with building an automated operator to interact with end users that call into a healthcare provider. The company is looking for a very specific voice. One that has compassion and empathy. Joe’s job is to build this automated system. After enlisting the help of his wife who, Emily (Mae Whitman) who has the right voice the project, Joe finds himself drifting further away from Emily and falling for his artificially created Emily who is not, in his mind imperfect. On the other hand Emily, is a budding actor/comedian and is finding that her new form of expression is not only freeing, but gives her an outlet to voice her frustrations about her failing marriage.

This film has some really touching and funny moments, even in the dysfunctional struggle Joe experiences with his obsession with artificial Emily. It punctures a fear that has been a laden concept for years. What if AI takes over? In this film, it’s a different kind of takeover, on an emotional level that is self-inflicted by Joe, versus how we typically think of AI taking over.

The only thing that wasn’t completely believable in Operator is the relationship between Joe and Emily. Complete opposite personalities, I don’t buy that Emily would not only date, but would marry Joe.

There are definitely some neat graphics and effects to show Joe’s graphs on a spectrum of emotions. The writing/directing is really great as well. Very organic characters on their own with very real things to say.

HBO Documentary Beware the Slenderman is freightening

Slenderman is like the modern day boogieman and if you aren’t familiar, he is depicted as a creepy, tall, faceless man. He’s a horror icon and has built up quite the following on the internet.

Back in May of 2014, two twelve year old girls  in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, lured their friend (Payton Lautner) to a park woods where she was stabbed by Morgan nineteen times, all in the name of Slenderman, who she believes guided her hand.

The documentary takes a Look into the lore behind Slenderman, there seems to be a cult following at this point.There is no shortage of videos, drawings, even multiple videogames, depicting this creature that has taken on a familiar form as a kind of splendor for young children and young adults.

Much of the documentary is focused around the children’s parents as well as the girls confessions or interviews with the detectives who worked their case. The scariest thing about this violence is that these two girls were flying under the radar when it comes to their parents knowledge or lack of knowledge. The notion that all this premeditated planning was happening right under their noses is hard to take for these unfortunate parents and their circumstance. To the efforts of fearing tablets being in the hands of children. Beware the Splenderman definitely wasn’t spinning that the internet is to blame, but it definitely defines what most people that are actively online already know, that you can/will find whatever you are looking for and if you are a socially struggling teen, like Anissa Weier, you can blur the line of reality and fiction and find videos, images, etc. that provide solace to these delusions.

Morgan and Anissa are standing trail for attempted first degree murder and if tried as adults, they could get up to 65 years in prison. Their case is still pending in the courts today.

Preacher Pilot Episode World Premiere

This was the most anticipated event for me at SXSW. Having read the Preacher comics some years ago, I knew that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg had been incubating this passion project for a long time.

After watching the pilot, I’m pretty dang excited for this series. The crowd was so pumped at SXSW, I could hear people salivating for more.

For those who don’t know, Preacher is about Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), a preacher who has recently returned to his home, a small town in Texas. Jesse struggling with what little faith he has, his inner demons, and darker past. Threaded between Jesse’s story, we are introduced to Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun who seems to embody this character through and through), a harsh/drunken vampire, whose introductory scene almost steals the show with acrobatics and well choreographed fighting on a jetliner. Tulip (Ruth Negga), a take no guff professional criminal, who gets creative with a corn cob while scuffling with a baddie in a car speeding through a cornfield.

Afterwards in attendance for a Q&A was producers/directors, Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg, cast members Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga, Sam Catlin (series show runner), and original comic/story writer Garth Ennis. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg discussed how casting was difficult and that they really wanted to get the characters right for the series.

Seth Rogen talked about how meetings for Preacher started back when Superbad was filming and originally HBO was slated to pick it up, but the idea was considered to be too much for the public at the time. Over the years, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg weren’t sure how, or if Preacher would ever make it to the screen due to lack of interest for quite some time. Originally they considered a mini-series or even doing a trilogy film.

Now that television is ready for it, Preacher will join AMC’s impressive catalog in May of this year. I can tell that this is going to blow up, so get your copies of the Preacher comics while you still can.



keanuI was fortunate enough to attend the world premiere of Keanu at The Paramount Theatre. The crowd was revved up when Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele hit the stage to introduce the film. Their onstage presence is unbeatable. I would have enjoyed watching them interact with the crowd all night.

Keanu, which I wrongfully assumed was blatantly about Keanu Reeves, follows an adorable kitten with the same namesake as the actor. When Keanu ends up on the doorstep of Rell (Jordan Peele) and then goes missing soon after, Rell enlists the help of his cousin, Clarence (Keegan Key), to help him find his lost feline friend. Catching wind that Keanu may have ended up in the hands of a gang (led by Method Man), the two end up infiltrating said gang (The Blips, rejects of the Bloods and the Crips gangs) and from here, these two educated or affluent black men resort to posing as gangsters toting the N word and various four letter words. Unfortunately, the played out theme of racial stereotyping take the reins for the rest of Keanu.

As a work in progress, Keanu was entertaining enough, but there were scenes that dragged on a bit. Knowing the style of Jordan Peele and Keegen-Michael Key, it’s hard to tell if this is just unedited improvised takes that may be cut down in the final film, or just the style of the film which feels like a very long Key & Peele sketch comedy routine. Even as a long sketch, I feel like these two are much more capable than the confines of this script and do the best they can to work inside of it because the dynamic between these two actors shines through even on the big screen, but it isn’t enough to make this movie stand out.

Don’t Think Twice

don't think twiceComing back full circle after watching the documentary about Del Close earlier in the weekend, and a film seemingly inspired by Del Close and his improvisational movement, Don’t Think Twice is written/directed by the comedian (among other things), Mike Birbiglia. Taking a stab at portraying the trials and tribulations of an improv troupe and how to deal with making it or not in the competitive world of comedians, Don’t Think Twice delivers some smart dialogue and well-crafted performances from the cast.

Miles (Birbiglia) is a teacher, mentor, and kind of a leader of an improv troupe out of NY called, The Commune. Composed of 30 somethings who are barely keeping it together in their lives and with their group, we get a glimpse of their struggles. With cast members including Keegan-Michael Key, Kat Micucci, Gillian Jacobs, Tami Sagher, & Chris Gethard, the performances and chemistry are sweet and also sour at moments.

Mike Birbiglia’s character does not show much in the way of training or teaching. Besides charming and luring his naïve students into his dorm-like loft, he doesn’t carry much weight in the film or add too much to the other characters lives. The focus of the film revolves around one of the team members hitting the big time working for “Weekend Live” a carbon copy of SNL and how that success affects the group as a whole and his personal relationship. With this, Don’t Think Twice does not feel completely crafted. As an ensemble cast, there are snapshots of character development, but it feels staggered and minimal at best.

This film definitely seems personal and there is a lot of discussion about being a loser, having menial jobs, or barely paying bills that is a real burden for creative minds that don’t quite make it. Mike Birbiglia has perhaps seen this along the pathway of his career and I would have liked to see a fully fleshed out story.