Greetings from the Austin Film Festival 2016

Probably the first festival I attended in town was the Austin Film Festival. Then I think it was called the Austin International Film Festival but that was a few years ago. Seventeen to be exact. The first couple of years I went to this festival on my own accord. It was not until 2001 that I started to go through the Austin Daze. This festival really always intrigued me because it is a screenwriters festival. Before the Austin Daze, I was interested in writing screenplays. Perhaps, I will return to that soon. Anyway, on to what we’ve done so far at this year’s AFF.

We registered with ease at the Driskill and had a traditional lunch, went home, and then caught the opening night film at the Paramount the next day. I love the Paramount theater. It is so classy and old school and I have been going there since the beginning. Seeing a movie with a full house audience at the Paramount is one of the best cinematic experiences that one can have. It’s really awesome to be in a full theater when something funny or scary happens on screen because you can really feel the audience appreciation. The staff at the Paramount has always been so helpful and it feels good to go to a place where they remember your name.

The first movie we watched was called “Loving.” It was a drama about an interracial couple’s exploits and what they had to deal with in the early 60’s in Virginia. The film was slow and not that exciting to me. I get the struggle and the anguish that the situation was portraying, but aside from that the film really did not interest me. The writer/director showed up to talk about the writing process and that was pretty cool. That’s one of the greatest things going on at this festival. It allows you to hear from the people that make the films happen that you don’t normally hear from.

Friday happened and we did not make the festival due to our intergalactic space travel.

Saturday rolled about and we hit the Paramount for the evening screening of La La Land. Because I don’t do research at the festival I did not know much about what this movie was about. Close to the time that the lights went out I found out that it was going to be a musical and because I am not really a big musical fan I was in for kind of a lame experience but, once the film got going, I became really wrapped up in what’s going on. I really liked what Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were doing, in particular, the last ten minutes of the movie just blew me away. I won’t give anything away, but the reality and the dream sequence is really impactful. It really impacted me. I’m glad that I do not do research because if I knew this was going to be a musical I would have skipped it, but I am so glad that I experienced this film.

Next up, on Sunday was Iggy. This was a documentary called “Gimme Danger” by Jim Jarmusch. Jim Jarmusch is a writer and director whose films have really shaped and provided sustenance to my world. Îggy Pop has always been a character that intrigued me. He is a lot older than he appears. I think that he has found the secret of life. He just keeps going forward and doing what he loves. Maybe that’s all it takes. It’s worked for me so far. But ask me again when I’m seventy and dancing without my shirt on.

The second movie on Saturday was called “Jackie” and it was the story of Jackie Onassis right after the Kennedy assassination. It started Natalie Portman as Jackie. She did a great job, as usual. I was captivated and could not look away from the screen even when I was supposed to do so. This film has a reunion of some of the actors from “Garden State.”

We’ll give you word about the next bunch of movies on Monday.


Photos of ACL Fest 2016 2nd Weekend – Stage shots

Click on picture to open album.


ACL Fest 2016 - Stage Shots

Photos of ACL Fest 2016 2nd Weekend – Around the Park

ACL Fest 2016 - Around the ParkClick on picture to open album.

Photos of ACL Fest 2016 2nd Weekend – Tent Stage

ACL Fest 2016 - Tent Stage

Click on picture to open album.


Sunday, the final day of the festival, was packed with some pretty amazing bands.  Pete Yorn took the Miller Lite on Sunday afternoon and was one of the best surprises for me at the festival this year.  I had never heard of or seen Pete Yorn live before, but he was awesome.  His songwriting and playing reminded me a lot of R.E.M. at times, which is always a good thing.


From there I headed over to the main stage to catch Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.  I was torn because both he and the Local Natives were playing the same timeslots at opposite ends of the park.  I caught a bit of both sets.  First was Nathaniel and his band, wearing black denim jackets in the 90+ degree weather at Zilker Park.  I was sweating just looking at them.  Nathaniel Rateliff is an incredibly hardworking artist who’s been at it for years with most of the same band members since day one.  The intensity that he brings to his music is great.  You can tell that he really means what he’s saying and the songs are very personal.  With the Night Sweats though, there’s an added level of fun to his music.  The energy is running high throughout the entire set and I don’t think they play a minor chord the entire time.  It’s funny because the songs lyrically are pretty serious reminiscent of his more folky solo material, but melodically and instrumentally are very vibrant, upbeat, and soulful.


Next, I was on to see the Local Natives with their sun-soaked indie pop.  These guys know how to put on a festival show.  They played songs from all of their albums, including their most recent album, Sunlit Youth.  A lot of the older songs like Airplanes, Who Knows Who Cares, and Sun Hands were amped up and fit perfectly into the festival atmosphere.  Lead singer/guitarist, Taylor Rice even said a few words about the importance of voting and how we can make a difference, even if it seems hopeless this election.  There were a lot of positive vibes coming from these guys.  During the last song, Sun Hands, Taylor Rice crowd surfed and made it back to the stage for an epic instrumental wall of sound to end to the song.


From there I headed over to the main stage area once again to check out Willie Nelson.  I felt bad for everyone else playing during the 6pm time slot because I think the entire festival was there to see Willie.  Even Matthew McConaughey was there to introduce him to the stage.  His guitar, Trigger, sounds so cool and his way of story telling is legendary.  He had the band up there with him on stage and they played the perfect Sunday sunset slot.  It’s a pleasure to see such a legend play in that kind of atmosphere.

Since I was so far back for Willie Nelson’s set, I was only a short cruise to the HomeAway Stage to see HAIM.  These are three sisters from Southern California who can absolutely shred.  You can pick up quickly that they are heavily influenced by many of the classic rock legends.  I had never seen them live, but had heard their music and they definitely didn’t disappoint.  These girls along with Pete Yorn were the surprise acts for me during this festival.  The sisters all took turns bantering in between songs and making sure that the crowd was having a good time.  Each of them took turns singing and introducing each song of the set.  These girls proved that they can not only shred but also put together some really catchy tunes.

They ended their set with a giant drum kit that all three of them played at once.   Their set was really entertaining and I highly recommend that you check out their music/shows whenever their in town.img_1881

I ended the night jumping between the two closers of the Festival LCD Soundsystem and Mumford and Sons.  Mumford and Sons was my first stop playing songs from all three of their albums.  Everything from Wilder Mind to Sigh No More was played during their set.  Their live shows are a bit of spectacle and they really bring a lot of energy to each song.  They played on the dynamics of their set really well going from super quiet and hushed acoustic songs to heavy rock and roll.  I was pleasantly surprised by how good they were live.  From there I headed over to check out the madness that was the LCD Soundsystem set.  They were pretty incredible.  The frontman, James Murphy, really knows how to put on a show.  His records have always been really weird and amazing to me, but to see his music performed in a live setting was mind blowing.

I had a great time this year at the festival.  Everything from the music, to the food, to the madhouse and incredible atmosphere that Zilker Park turns into make these weekends very special.  I hope everyone that attended had a great time as well and was introduced to some sort of new music over the course of the weekend!


Thanks for reading!    

Saturday – ACL FEST 2016 WEEKEND TWO


Saturday was a perfect festival day.  It wasn’t unbearably hot and the sun gods were on or side leaving no clouds in the sky.  I started things off with a Catfish and the Bottlemen show on the Honda stage.  They’re a British indie rock band who played a heavy rock and roll set.  The effort that these guys gave to their performance was pretty unmatched by the other bands I saw take the stage this weekend.  Between the distorted and overdriven guitars, the passionate vocals, and the amazing stage presence, this band was definitely a surprise favorite of the weekend for me.

From there I headed to check out Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals on the HomeAway stage in the middle of Zilker Park.   This was a super fun and energetic set filled a lot of live instrumentation from both Anderson Paak himself and his backing band the Free Nationals.  He spent about half the set hyping up the crowd and making sure that everyone was feeling his funky R&B tinged hip-hop, and spent the other half of the set creating the rhythms himself from behind the drum-kit.  He definitely brought the party to his set and made sure that everyone in the crowd was having a great time.


Next I headed over to the smallest stage in the park, the BMI stage, to check out Austin locals, Blue Healer.  I’ve heard about them playing around town and heard them on KUTX a bunch, but had never gotten a chance to see them live.  They were incredible.  Lead singer, David Beck, played guitar, upright bass and sang the vocals.  His acoustic upright bass was plugged into his pedal board giving off some really amazing tones.  Bryan Mammal was on keys and singing some backup vocals.  Dees Stribling was back on the kit also contributing some backup vocals.  These guys were a lot of fun giving the crowd some seriously catchy grooves.


 After Blue Healer finished their set I went over to hear Conor Oberst play on the Miller Lite stage at the other end of the park.  He played a pretty diverse setlist with songs from his solo material as well as his earlier Bright Eyes albums.  Conor Oberst is such a good songwriter and has a way with descriptive lyricism that’s unlike many artists.  Although he was forced to play a louder set due to really heavy sound bleed from Two Door Cinema Club across the way, his vocals and lyrics were still able to shine through as the most prominent aspect of the songs.


After, I headed over to the Samsung main stage to catch Kendrick Lamar.  Kendrick Lamar is not your everyday rapper.  He’s a writer who uses rap as an outlet to to portray his art.  He was backed by a really amazing backing band and came out on fire gaining full control over the crowd.  His performance is quite an incredible experience.  He played songs spanning all albums of his career.  Kendrick gives the perfect blend of passion, hype and honesty to his performances and it resonates so well with everyone in the audience.  You didn’t even have to like hip-hop in order to enjoy his ACL set.  Not only is he backed by an amazing live band of musicians, and not only are his lyrics insanely personal and well written, but his stage presence is very real.  You see the real Kendrick Lamar up there, not a pop star, not a commercially developed artist just shouting what the crowd wants to hear, but a real artist singing/rapping songs that seem really close to home.  It was a great way to end Saturday of ACL Fest 2016.



Yesterday was Friday night of weekend numero dos of ACL Fest 2016.  Radiohead took the stage at 8pm and this was the most anticipated show of the weekend for me as well as a lot of people at the festival this weekend.  They definitely didn’t disappoint.  This was my first time catching them live and it was quite the experience.  The lights, the giant ACL crowd, the hazy dissonance, the emotive punch of the songwriting, and the tightness of this band were the major contributor to the success of this well-played, festival headlining set.  One of the biggest things that I admire about Radiohead is the fact that everyone of their albums is so unique and so different from the last, despite any commercial success that was brought to their previous albums.  There’s a freedom in that, in being able to play and do whatever you want with your music.  It’s something that a lot of bands are afraid to do because they don’t want to abandon or let down fans of their previous work, but Radiohead does so and gains more and more success with each attempt.  The set last night was filled with new and old songs spanning the spectrum of genres.  They went from the Flying Lotus-esque beats of “Bloom” to the hushed acoustic sounds of the closer (and one of my personal favorite songs from the set) “Fake Plastic Trees”.  Everything about the set was great!  They played with sound dynamics really well and almost had control over the crowd because of it.  It was a great way to cap off the first day of the festival.


The Final Days of Fantastic Fest 2016

Due to circumstances beyond my control, we had to skip Tuesday’s screenings. I’m sure they were cool, but I enjoyed the break. I only listened to albums that night. It was very awesome, but Wednesday rolled around and we jumped back into the fantastic movies.

The first film we experienced was an Australian twisted home invasion slasher movie set at Christmastime called “Safe Neighborhood.” I like this movie. It was very well acted and there were a lot of twists. It’s one of those movies that you think is going to be about something, then it jumps sideways and winds up being about something else entirely. After the movie, the director talked to us. He told us that it was fun to make it snowy at Christmastime in Australia.

Next movie was “My Entire High School Is Sinking Into The Sea.” Frankly, I wish the film did just that. I wasn’t really into it. It was an animated feature with a lot of stars like Susan Serandon and Jason Shwartzman. This film has really won over many film festival audiences, but I just did not get it. So, that’s just me, I guess.

After this film, we went out to the lobby and my film comrade tried the virtual reality by Dark Corners called Catatonic. This really was the best experience of the day. The lobby was really interested in watching my friend go through the experience. She really freaked out a lot and we all could not help but laugh and, of course, she did not know this because she was wearing the virtual reality mask and headphones. I thought about going over and holding her hand to help her through the scary stuff she was seeing, but the guy in charge told me that I’d probably give her a heart attack if I grabbed her hand so we just laughed at her. She told me that it was the coolest thing she did at the festival. I still think that she could have gotten an award for the screaming and shrieking that she did. It was very convincing.

The final day came and the first film wasn’t really a film. It was a preview of the new HBO show called “Westworld.” We really dug this. There was a lot of stuff going on but from what I can tell it was all great and I look forward to rewatching this show and becoming an addict of this series. It’s good to have a new show to watch on Sunday.

The final film was called “Colossal” and I specifically avoided reading or watching any material about this movie. All I knew was that it was directed by Nacho Vigalando and starred Anne Hathaway. This movie went into areas that I completely did not expect. It was an awesome way to end this festival and I recommend seeing this movie without doing any research on it first.

All in all, this was probably my favorite Fantastic Fest. I have gone every year. I am glad this festival started and really gave a home to these types of films and created a launching pad for new movie creators and I look forward to going again next year.


Fantastic Fest day three, four, and five.

One thing I know, right now, as I write this is that I see movies !! The two screenings a day that we do, has kept us busy. The first screening on Saturday was a film titled “Rats.” This is normally a movie title that I would avoid because I really have no interest in rats, but on a closer look I was told that my friend Morgan Spurlock was at the helm of this. I became friends with Morgan many years ago when he brought “Supersize Me” to SXSW and I’ve kept up with him every other year or so when he brings a new film to town. This movie is a different format than most of the other films we’ve seen this week because it is a documentary. It was funny, informative, and gross at the same time. Seeing this movie at Fantastic Fest was a good experience because he opened the movie with a contest of rat eating and everyone in the audience was given a sample of barbecued rat, a delicacy in other parts of the world. After the movie, we connected with Morgan and set up an interview where we can talk about “Rats.” We went outside and met up with another director, Owen Egerton, and set up another interview. His movie played last year at Fantastic Fest and is being released on Friday. Now, for me, a movie theater after the festival is the last place on earth I want to be, but his movie “Follow” might just get me in a seat. It is really well done and I recommend everyone go and check it out.

The next film we saw on Saturday we both did not dig. We actually left even a little too late, but I do not really even want to give the film any press because I did not like it.

Sunday was the big one. We saw the new Tim Burton movie called “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.” I liked this movie a lot. I feel that this movie is going to do really well. Tim Burton showed up and talked after the movie screened and answered questions. He said he has no plans to do a sequel to “Beetlejuice” unless everything is right and that he has no plans to continue the trilogy that this movie was based on. I found it interesting and a bit humorous to hear him say that he doesn’t really like kids. If you look back at his movies that becomes quite a funny thing to ponder.

Next up, we saw “Fashionista.” This was a local film. Personally, I did not like this movie. I have too many crazy women in my life but my film partner loved this movie. I did like seeing Ethan Embry.

Monday rolled around and there were still just as many people as there were this weekend. The first movie we saw was not a movie. It was a pre-screening of two episodes of “Ash vs The Evil Dead.” This is a series on the Starz channel. I have not seen season one, but I enjoyed watching the first two parts of season two. The best part for me of this screening was that the actors showed up for a Q&A afterwards. Bruce Campbell and Lee Majors are quite interesting figures for me. This is a series that is put together by Sam Raimi who did the original “Evil Dead” things and in the Q&A it was interesting to learn that the cast does not like the car that he uses in all of his films. Apparently, he has been using the same car since the seventies.

Next up, was the most anticipated film experience for me. It was the secret screening. Now, I have been plugging the secret screening to my new film comrade for quite a while. I knew that we had to be there no matter what. The whole deal with the secret screening is that you have no idea what will play, the movie could be dramatic, scary, funny, or whatever else. It has always been a magical experience for me to see a movie and have no idea what I’m in store for and, in fact, these screenings have changed the way I participate in all film festivals. Basically, I try to know as little as I can about what will screen. We jumped through some hoops and made it inside to the theater. The room went dark. It was exciting and kind of freaky. The title “Split” started flashing up on the screen and then we both recognized M. Night Shyamalan and we smiled at each other, sat back, and knew we were in for a really cool ride. And a good ride it was. For me personally, I had always thought really great things about M.N.S. I have been let down recently by his films but I always feel that his next one will be a return to greatness and this was just that. After the screening, we were surprised to have him and the main character, James McAvoy, in attendance for a Q&A. Due out for public release in 2017.

Fantastic first two days at Fantastic Fest 2016


Our time at Fantastic Fest actually began a couple of weeks ago as we started planning for the festivities. We went over to the Alamo to get our badges the day before things kicked off. The process was so smooth. There were not really any crowds of people and we were able to chill out in an area that is overflowing with humans as I write this. Fantastic Fest is packed, as always. img_0042

The first movie that I experienced this year was called “Arrival.” This film blew me away. The way that I do this festival is to know nothing about the films before I see them. This way, when a film is good it becomes really good.  The only problem with seeing movies this way is that when a film is able to sneak up on me and be really fucked up. That happens very rarely, but it does happen like it did on day three this year. This film was excellent. It was written and directed by Denis Villeneuve. He is a director that is on my watch list. He did “Sicario”, which is an excellent film. It starred Amy Adams. She is an actress that I have followed for many years. I feel that this movie is one of the best science fiction films I’ve seen and definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. My face hurts from grinning like a twelve-year-old kid for most of the movie. You will definitely hear more about this film soon.

The second day I brought my film comrade, Dovie, to the scene and we kicked things off with “The Autopsy of Jane Doe.” I was unprepared for how much I would dig this flick. It was on a completely different level than “Arrival” and it really scared me. I have a feeling that if this film is released the right way it will become a classic horror movie.  It was actually scary. The acting and the writing and the direction were all good. I do think that some of the gore can be cut out and it will still be very scary.

The next film was “The Bad Batch” and this was a film that was packed with random superstars in very weird roles. But, I’ll be honest that I did not really get this film at all. I feel that you might need to take a little LSD before to understand what’s going on. My film partner said that this movie was not for her and that made so much sense to me because this might have been a great film but it wasn’t for me, either.

After that film, we headed over to the South Austin Gym for the Fantastic Debates. How do I explain this? This is a debate in a boxing ring where they debate such things as “Rocky IV” being the best boxing movie of all time. And what they do not settle with words they settle with fighting. Owen Egerton is the announcer/ref every year which means that it will be an entertaining time. After the first debate started a surprise guest that was Dolph Lundgren stepped onto stage because he was the bad guy in “Rocky IV.” We stayed for two more fights and the third fight was a girl fight. We were ringside for these fights and it was the closest I have ever been. They really throw punches. We left and went home and went to sleep. We are still at the festival now, so I will give you some reviews of day three and four.

img_0044 tomorrow.6f4b129d-b236-4e41-b01e-8843ba49a120




Casa Magnetica at C-Boy’s

Casa Magnetica is a new group mashing up members of The Greyhounds and The Moeller Brothers. Check em out!fullsizerenderimg_6268

Sun Ra Arkestra at RAS DAY 2016

Riders Against the Storm at RAS Day 2016

Money Chicha and Greyboy Allstars at Emo’s 8-20-2016

Grupo Fantasma delivers a very speciàl taping again.

Photo by Scott Newton

Photo by Scott Newton

Last nîghts ACL Taping shook the  Moody. It was theîr third visît and they just killed it. I spoke with the bass man, Greg,  last month about this show. He said that they wanted màke the night speciàl. I remembèr thinking ” I don’t know what the hell thàt means?” To me, every timè I have seen them has been special. Thère was no way I coułd miss this show.  I was ready for some Çumbià ànd Latin soul with some shake, shake, shake…
I am old frîeñds wîth most of the côre members. I feel a connection to this music.Sure, ï am an Irishman, a gringo, but I am Latin at heart. This sound just moves me. Way back when, my gf at the time got me to know each ôf the guys better. That made many things happen. Some of my greatest nights hàve been connected to thîs music.

Last night, before sleepytime, I thought àbout my connection to the band… No doubt, she (my gf) enhanced my relationship with them, but I was a fan before î met her (at a FAntasma show, of coarse.) The magic grabbed me back at The Empanada and still holds me. Everytime they play, this electric current moves through the room causing everyone to dance. Last nights show was no different. It was a fantastic experience. So màny guests added to thè groove. Awesome show. There was even some Sexual Chocolate thrôwn in. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome Home Brother Jack

happy jack

Jack was my friend. He might have been the first guy to talk to me în town.. I remember that he said “Welcome Home,” to me as I entered Ruta maya. I knew then that I was in the right place. I didn’t know anyone yet. He took me under his wing, introduced me to everyone and encouraged me to go to the places where I made the friends that I still have today . The places I still frequent. That was early 99′. I would sit by his sewing machine in that hallway and listen to his stories. They were fantastic. I had a hard time believing some of them , but they all turned out to be true. Everyone knew and loved the guy. For many years I did interviews with all kinds of celebs and many would ask me if I knew Happy Jack. That would always make me smile.

Ruta Maya closed down and moved and there was Jack. I made it out to Kerrville Folk Festival three times because of his stories. He was the king of that festival.

Our lives took different roads for the past eight or  more years and sadly I can’t remember the last time I was with him. I am grateful for the things he taught me and the many friendships that he turned me onto. AuStin lost an old guard today. To know him wAs to love him. I am truly sorry that there are people here that will never hear him say “Happy Day!”

Welcome Home Brother Jack……

Here’s an interview that we did with Happy Jack in 2006:

Hard Proof and Money Chicha @ Antone’s (6/3)

On Fridaze night , I saw two acts put on a show at Antone’s. An epic night of music happened. Yes, I have seen both bands, a few times, but that doesn’t matter. Each time, feels like the fîrst.
I started a fair ways into the Money Chicha set. Sometimes the parking gods are not oñ my side. I alwaze get there, but somètimes I àm a little late. I missed Greg play the squeeze box. Î do dig that. These boys are mostly an offshoot of the mothership that is Grupo Fantasma. Fantasma, just shook this very room for two consecutive nights, for the prince tributes. That did not slow them down . They finished off their uniquely psychadelic, cumbia from space set, which had everybody moving. You cannot resist this groove. Why would you want to?
imageNext up was HardProof. These guys grab you at the first note and do not let up. The amount of solid musicians on that stage is overwhelming. I try to focus on individual players when I see music, but with these guys everything works at the same time. Everybody just plays off of everyone else. It is magically captivating and seamless. They must rehearse all the time. I know that cannot be the case because most of the guys are in ôther bands. It just works. They have a new record coming out soon. If it captures even a small bit of the show at Antone’s, it’s gonna be huge. Go get a copy and see them live. Trust me. For years I have watched this band take leaps forward, to the point, that I try to never miss a local show. These guys have found a way to step up their game with this new material .

Weiner Documentary

Weiner, the documentary, revolves around Anthony Weiner’s (aka ‘Carlos Danger’) rise and fall in politics. Weiner reluctantly resigned from congress in 2011 for linking photos of his surname (if you will) via Twitter to a young woman. This was the first of two scandals that he eventually fessed up to publicly. Fast forward two years later, Anthony Weiner decided to run as a mayoral candidate for New York. He was seemingly on a path to righteousness and polling well with New Yorkers. Claiming he had learned from his mistake, he was ready to move on and make positive changes for New York, until his second offense.

The documentary showcases a megalomaniac politician who seems to love attention, whether it be positive or negative. Almost a mockumentary at times, intended by the documentarian or not, Weiner will have you laughing solely on the media’s pun-frenzy coverage of this guy. Having a last name like Weiner is already tough enough in context to his scandals, but getting caught twice is doubly embarrassing.

At times, Anthony Weiner comes across as agitated and arrogant. In his defense, he is being scrutinized left and right for being dishonest in his personal life. Aside from being a politician, it’s also very sad watching someone who obviously needs more therapy and help with what seems to be an addiction. Unfortunately, Anthony Weiner seems to lack the self-awareness and humility (surprising as that may sound) to seek personal help.

Polar opposite is Huma Abedin, his wife, who is very much part of his campaign until close to the end for an obvious reason. She seems endlessly patient, charming, sincere, and of most importance, forgiving time and time again of Anthony’s transgressions.

If you’ve ever been a fan of Anthony Weiner or not, check out this well-made documentary and relish in the “Weiner” jokes if nothing else.

ACL Live….Put Your Phone Away


Ok, I gotta respond to this, on taping days, I get hit with the same question, in different forms: Will u take some pictures of the band???… Or why don’t you ever take pictures of the bands???…

No, I will not and its a phone free environment. They are taping the performances for tv and there are professional photographers doing their thing. I actually relish tapings for this. Of course, the music is fantastic and the staff is great but the no phone thing is really awesome. Just doesn’t happen. Its like being transported to a time before everybody’s life revolved around their phone. You know., when we just did things to do them and were fully there … I am a slave to my phone, The Daze is my only fleeting excuse. So, I take pictures before and after, but I turn off my phone during the show.

The Echocentrics Are Back!


I like this band yall! They just killed a gig for KUTX. Adrian Quesada can do no wrong when it comes to music. I have liked every project, that I have seen, that he has been a part of…And yes, Mr. John Branch sings… And a drummer that has been the beats in many of my favorite bands, Mr. John Speice takes no prisoners… Many billions of years ago, I felt that they were going to go all the way. They disappeared from my radar.  The Echocentrics are back… We are going to be seeing and hearing more about this band.